Starbucks at Morgan Stanley Conference Notes

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Starbucks’ (SBUX) Management Presents at Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & Retail Conference
Scott Maw – Chief Financial Officer

Our employees are partners

“I think the first one and perhaps the most important one is winning with our partner. So again, our employees we call them partners, because the vast majority of them are eligible to participate in a stock compensation program for Starbucks.”

Still not saturated in the US

“I think a few years ago, people would have thought we were saturated in the U.S. and that you couldn’t open another Starbucks without having to expand into the walls of the Starbucks that was sitting beside. But what we have learned is there is significant real estate opportunity in places that 5 years ago we wouldn’t have thought about opening a store ”

Good at creating locally relevant design of stores

“Importantly, our stores all have locally relevant design. Our designers are really great at integrating locally relevant design, whether you are in China or in Omaha, we are able to sort of adapt our store format to pickup what’s locally relevant in the geography and I think we are getting increasingly good at that and driving some great design concepts and then larger format stores. ”

21% of transactions are done on the mobile device

“21% of our transactions in the U.S. are done, payment transactions are done on the mobile device. I guarantee in the U.S. there is no one else even close as far as the number of mobile payments.”