Sprint at Deustche Bank Conference Notes

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Tarek Robbiati – CFO

We are living in fascinating times for our industry

“And even if you look at the MVNO world it’s very active, there is a very active MVNO industry in the U.S. and it’s not powered by small players, Google is very active in this space. And so when you really look at it, we are living incredibly interesting I would say fascinating times in our industry, which are very, very dynamic.”

Competitive intensity has triggered more churn than we thought

“So the rising the competitive intensity has probably triggered a little bit more churn than we thought. We see churn to be relatively stable quarter-over-quarter, we were had foreshadowed before that churn would be coming down quarter-over-quarter. But it’s nothing alarming it’s just the nature of where we stand right now in the market and we feel reasonably good. We think we can still take share, we are the attacker from a price standpoint. We have very aggressive offers that are aimed at family plans with multiple lines.”

Leasing extends the life of a device

“So, you do leasing because you see that you can monetize an asset multiple times over its life. Maybe two lives for a phone, maybe three we don’t know. But those phones have an extended life relative to what we were using in the past. And what’s also interesting is you talk about extending the life of a device that we are seeing that consumers’ upgrade their phones with I would say lower frequency then before.”