Salesforce 3Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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Never seen a bigger update than the analytics cloud

“regarding the analytics cloud, which is that we have never seen faster uptake and faster traction when it comes to new product. And that gives us a level of incredible excitement.”

Sales is a multi-billion platform, so is analytics

“When we look at sales, it’s obviously a multibillion dollar market service platform, especially marketing is becoming that way. But analytics is already that way. Analytics, business intelligence, is one of the biggest, most exciting markets in the whole industry.’

We want to be an analytics platform

“Our vision is we want to be the platform for analytics for all companies. And we don’t want to roll first with an analytics app. I hope that partners out there are building that app on our platform, but this is what’s existing, is that we’re going to have a huge ecosystem around this product, and that’s what’s going to drive it.”

Three keys to go to market strategy

“there are three things that are important as we go to market. One is obviously to speak the language of industry. We think that’s very important, because when you speak to a bank, you need to understand the language of the bank, what the customer challenges are, and what the opportunities are, and how you can apply the customer success platform to that business problem.

The second is to build up the largest ecosystem in the world, and that takes many forms, starting with SIs and boutiques and agencies which are key influencers, obviously. It’s also about ISVs, and we’re doing some terrific work with ISVs. We kind of revamped our ISV process. And then resellers for coverage. So that’s the second area.

And then the third is our international expansion, and you can see the results already starting to happen, for example, in Asia Pac and Europe. And we continue to invest across the board in our distribution capacity, adding more AEs, more reps, more selling capacity, opening our data centers and expanding our partner networks. “