Regions Financial at Goldman Sachs Financial Conference

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“It is clear that customers like to bank using multiple channels, multiple options as they choose. Approximately, 95% of our customers use multiple channels. Branches, while at the topic of the debate across industry continued to be important, continued to be relevant as banking still is a people business.”

“in the third quarter, almost every loan category in both business and consumer lending experienced growth. And year-to-date, approximately 65% of our geographic markets, the communities we operate in are experiencing growth.”

“Rising interest rates are expected to be beneficial to our net interest margin as our assets sensitive balance sheet reacts favorably.”

“Net charge-offs in the third quarter reached lowest level more than five years as net losses declined 56% from the prior year.

Non-performing loans continue to decline and inflows of non-performing loans have reached lower levels”

“we’ve continued to see loan demand improved albeit modestly. But it’s broader today than it was a year ago. It’s broader from a product perspective and it’s broader from a geographic perspective.”

“We believe ‘14 in lot of ways is similar to ‘13. We hope we’re wrong. We hope the economy accelerates faster. We hope we get a more favorable interest rate environment. We’re not betting on that.”

“As you remember, we reentered the indirect auto lending business. We reentered the credit card business. We tried to diversify revenue streams from our credit perspective”

“So the auto space is doing well for everybody. The forecast for all auto sales is up to about 15.8 million units, so we are getting our fair share of that. We’re not compromising on price and structure. We’re getting good part of loans as well in the books.”

“over the last five years we closed 16% of our branches, we have gone through and done a lot of consolidations over the last four, five years. We will do additional consolidations, but I will tell you the low-hanging fruit is gone. We have recently, this month announced we will consolidate another small number of branches, about 30.”

“significant improvement year-over-year, but non-performing loans have continued to trend down but still high, criticizing classified loans continue to trend down, but still high from what you would consider normal for us and our position as a result continues to be high.”

“certainly today our customers are in a better financial position than they have been in years on both the business side and the consumer side of our balance sheet.”