Qualcomm at Deutsche Bank Conference Notes

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Still a thirst for innovation in high end smartphones

“If you look at what people are asking us to invest and asking us to do innovation in. There are still a quite a thirst for new innovation, it’s innovation across multiple technology areas, it’s not just one.”

Seeing a desire for “always on” features

“You’re also seeing a desire for a set of features that I think are very similar to what you are starting to see in wearables where something is always on sort of the context awareness category of features, where you have an audio path it’s on all the time or maybe you have a camera that’s doing more than just taking pictures it’s doing some rudimentary form of computer vision.”

There’s still technology delta in the developed world

“we’re seeing a lot of feature delta its still at the high end and in the developed world, even though I mean it’s lower growth than you would have in the first year of smartphone penetration. But we’re still seeing a lot of innovation there.”

In developing markets the phone is people’s primary device to access the internet

“its different than the 2G world where it didn’t move very rapidly, its moving pretty rapidly because remember this is a device that people are using not just for talk and text, they use this in many case the first or primary device to get onto the internet. And so they want a lot of functionality”