Qualcomm at Bank of America Conference Notes

Cristiano Amon – EVP of QUALCOMM Technologies

The smartphone took away the entire portable consumer electronics industry

” mobile is so big of an industry, the smartphone is so big of an industry that the point it became the new consumer electronics industry, it took away the entire portable consumer electronics industry that use to exists in the ’80s and the ’90s from cameras, to music, to video, to gaming, to everything. And that technology platform is so competitive that it is going to go into how car infotainment is going to look like, how machines become smart running OSs and connecting with modems and the Internet of Things.”

Specifics of 5G makes it harder to get in if you’re not a leader in 4G

“On top of that you have two variations of 5G, in the sub 6 gigahertz spectrum, you’re going to provide multiple units of gigabit, let’s say five gigabit for example. And then above that in the millimeter wave you’ve going to have multiple tens of gigabit. And 4G will continue to become very relevant as it gets upgraded to Gigabit LTE lower latency and it will have lower latency as we migrate up and down. So I’ll argue, if you don’t have leadership in 4G, because 4G is not static, it’s not like what happened with GSM as 3G arrived. If you don’t have leadership in 4G, our ability to continue in 4G, if you don’t have a system capabilities to do multimode devices and if you don’t have the scale to deal with alphabet soup of frequency bands, I think 5G is actually much harder for you to enter the market. ”