Procter and Gamble at Deutsche Bank Conference Notes

Jon Moeller – Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Digitizing/automating manufacturing operations

“We are digitizing our manufacturing operations and automating with robotics. We see opportunity for an additional $1 billion of savings from transportation, warehousing and other costs of goods sold. These savings will come from work to improve warehouse productivity by as much as 25%, digitized algorithmic planning that reduces inventory and optimizes vehicle fuel rates and by rebidding regional transportation alliance based on our optimized manufacturing site and mixing standard locations.”

We want to be positioned wherever consumer want to shop

“We want to be positioned, as I said earlier to win wherever consumers want to shop. We don’t want to make that call for them, and we feel we’re in a fairly good place today. Two things we look at assure we remain on that place. One is where the market share online versus offline, in aggregate, a difference like category market as you would expect. But in aggregate, we’re about equal. In some of the markets online shares are a little bit ahead of offline share, I guess, more a function of the demographic of the shopper online than anything else, but we’re in a good place there.”