Priceline (PCLN) Q2 2016 Earnings Call

Priceline (PCLN) CEO Jeff Boyd said the Chinese tourism market continues to be an area of immense importance for the company 

The China outbound market continues to be a market that is large and growing and that we all view has great potential because of the demographic factors that are well known affecting China. We have a number of different ways to participate in it. I know there’s been a lot written about a slowdown in overall economic growth in China, but we still view it as a very, very attractive market that will have substantial macro tailwinds helping build both the middle class and travel demand, and we want to participate in it.”

Increasing their digital advertising dollars on the Facebook platform

“I think we would like to spend more money on Facebook going forward. We have a good relationship with them, and we’ve found that a number of things that we’ve done on Facebook works well, particularly retargeting, which really is more of a performance-based analysis the way we look at it. So, I would look for us to be doing more. As you could see by Facebook’s announcement, the scale of their advertising business is growing, and while it traditionally has been more of a brand advertising platform, we like to work closely with Facebook to find ways to make more performance-oriented placements work for us. And that’s something that we continue to be interested in doing.”

Recent terrorist attacks are hurting hotel bookings in some regions

“We have seen some relative strength in the South Spain and Portugal have been very strong markets. Turkey is not. Turkey has been an impaired market, between terrorist attacks and then the attempted coup. Some of the other markets that have been strong, like Ireland and Germany, so people shying away from some of the markets where terrorist attacks have been taking place in the past, and where maybe they have more of a fear of safety for traveling there at the moment.”