Pfizer (PFE) at Wells Fargo Conference Notes

CEO Ian Read prefers a more transparent market system over a one-payer system

“So I prefer not a one-payer system, but a graded system where you individually have enough transparency and understand your healthcare policy. So that you can make choices on what type of drug coverage, what type of health coverage you want and what’s your skin in the game on accountability, you’re health, your exercise.” Ian Read – Chief Executive Officer


Hillary Clinton’s policies are a step in the direction of a one-payer system

“Well I think in this totality, it will be very negative for innovation. In the totality, now you can always pick out one thing like — that would appeal particularly to your industry like limited co-pays. But you know you can’t just pick one thing, it’s a whole system you can’t pull out one string without pulling the whole jersey undone. So I think overall, I think the Clinton approach to healthcare drives you to a one-payer system, it drives you to rationing, drives you to a place where most consumers don’t want to be.” Ian Read – Chief Executive Officer


Tax reform is needed to give US companies a level playing field, and Ian Reads a new President and Congress will be able to tackle the issue

“when you compete against companies that are not in your tax system, it gives them a huge advantage to either report higher profits or to take those profits and invest in research, which is why you need a level playing field…

making tax reform is essentially to allow U.S. companies have a level playing field. Hopefully when a new congress is formed and we have a new President, I think there is a lot of appetite to understand how to try and fix that. Ian Read – Chief Executive Officer


PFE is launching a dozen biosimilars, some of which are aimed at Johnson & Johnson

“We have, I think 12 Biosimilars, we have the big five under development, we are preparing to launch in fact this — the Biosimilars to J&J’s product this year.” Ian Read – Chief Executive Officer


Ian Read advocates for intellectual property protection through trade agreements. Ironically, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is criticized for this

“what’s so paradoxical about what went on with the Pacific trade agreement that you have one part of the pool spectrum saying that the U.S. government is negotiating too hard on the intellectual property, but that same group is saying, why are we letting them free ride on our innovation. So strong patent protection, strong intellectual property through trade agreements allows more of the burden of innovation we borne globally and not just by the U.S. consumer. So I think the solution is through very strong trade agreements where the U.S. uses its marketplace to say, it’s not acceptable for you to free ride on our innovation” Ian Read – Chief Executive Officer