Pfizer (PFE) at Citi Global Health Conference

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Mikael Dolsten – President, R&D


Pipeline has a balanced distribution among phases

“When you look at the pipeline that deliver this flow of Phase 3 and approvals, we have about 90 projects. Slightly more than 40% in Phase 3 registration, slightly less than 40% in Phase 1, and about 20% in Phase 2”


PFE wants a “networked R&D organization” that utilizes both internal and external product development

“Very briefly when it comes to internal versus external, we really have our strategic ambition to be a networked R&D organization, some strong capabilities internally welcoming biotech and pharma partners and you can see three example of that approach. Product acquisitions through M&A, Medivation, access to Xtandi, Talazoparib… Next to that we have strategic acquisition of technology and early product. Bamboo is a company engaged in gene therapy… And then a partnership with Western Oncolytics that provides us with an oncolytic virus particularly interesting for cancer therapy of what we call cold tumors with moderate to low immune activity”


Strategic investments will likely continue into 2017

“I would say we will continue to have appetite for our strategic investment areas. Right now I think we have a very comprehensive immune-oncology portfolio but we would always built and if there is a new agent appearing, you may have seen that we have invested recently in — novel — see, there are four construct that are aimed to be local active in the tumor to circumvent that systemic talks…”


PFE’s Christmas wish list includes finding solutions for Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

“And we’re going to Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy, it would love to see us being able to change fatal outcomes for boys with that disease and we’ll certainly keep our eyes open if there is another gene therapist as we have one of the — I think best manufacturing facilities for clinical studies…One of the few areas of metabolic disease where you could come to market without big outcome studies and I think it would be a disappointment if I didn’t mention that you will always be open on your eyes for breakthroughs in neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and then it’s going to be a combination therapy. Maybe, new agents that deal with newer inflammation which seems to be a major culprit, that would be nice New Year’s gifts”