Pfizer at Barclays Conference Notes

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Frank D’Amelio – Executive Vice President of Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer

If a deal works today it will probably work even more in the next tax regime

“And the way I think about this just philosophically is if deals work in the current tax environment, if there were a tax reform then based on everything I just currently understand today and I could spend a few minutes on this if you like, but I think they would work even more. But if you look wait is a bad for little work. My reaction is if there is an opportunity to do something today, works in the current environment with the current tax regime, like we’ve done before we will go ahead and do it.”

Valuations will change

“So there is one thing I know with certainty about valuations, they will change right. They will go up, they will go down and they will float but the only thing I know with certainty about valuations and when you look at biotech deals and once again, one of the issues with I go with the acquisition math on biotech deals and I’ll get to the reset question on that.”

A capital market event would be interesting

” I think one of the thing that’s always kind of an interesting event is the capital market event, because obviously capital market events can very much all of a sudden reset, with the valuation of the company. So that will happen over time.”