Perry Ellis FY 1Q16 Earnings Call Notes

Men’s business very strong

“when we have to look at the business wide segment, the men’s business as you heard from J.C. Penney was very strong and I haven’t been able to read the transcript from the other retailers. But men’s continues to do extremely well, active wears is doing well, ath-leisure still continues to be strong and our golf business which has basically kicked in and as I mentioned Nike Swim are all doing extremely well, as a whole within the stores.”

WalMart has intensified health and wellness business

“we’re seeing Wal-Mart has intensified the whole health and wellness business and especially on making a strong commitment to the whole ath-leisure active wear business. So I think that halo effect than the in-store developments of what they’re doing has helped Ben Hogan as well as our product. We worked very closely with Wal-Mart in developing all of our business.’