Perry Ellis FY 1Q16 Earnings Call Notes

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Men’s business very strong

“when we have to look at the business wide segment, the men’s business as you heard from J.C. Penney was very strong and I haven’t been able to read the transcript from the other retailers. But men’s continues to do extremely well, active wears is doing well, ath-leisure still continues to be strong and our golf business which has basically kicked in and as I mentioned Nike Swim are all doing extremely well, as a whole within the stores.”

WalMart has intensified health and wellness business

“we’re seeing Wal-Mart has intensified the whole health and wellness business and especially on making a strong commitment to the whole ath-leisure active wear business. So I think that halo effect than the in-store developments of what they’re doing has helped Ben Hogan as well as our product. We worked very closely with Wal-Mart in developing all of our business.’