Paccar 2Q13 Earnings Call Notes

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“PACCAR’s second quarter truck results reflect gradually improving industry truck sales in North America compared to the first quarter of this year. In fact, second quarter truck and parts revenues increased by 10% compared to the first quarter.”

“Class 8 industry retail sales in the U.S. and Canada were 54,000 units in the second quarter this year compared to 45,000 units in the first quarter. Customer truck purchases are focused primarily on replacement vehicles for their fleets. PACCAR delivered 34,800 trucks during the quarter.”

“hen we look at our vehicles, we look at it with the PACCAR engine and say, all-new family of engines, all-new family of trucks…the plan here is to continue to grow both the engines and the new products. And we’re in good shape.”

“we’ve seen many, many of our dealers and they’re in very good position, they have relatively low inventory. They’ve got a good population of trucks. The parts and service business is good. There’s really an excellent utilization by fleets. Fleets are making reasonable money, some are making record results. So the general economy in North America, let’s say, it’s growing 2-ish percent; flat to down, depending on what country you’re looking at in Europe. And in North America, I think people are saying, “These vehicles are getting old now, not only age but also in terms of miles.” And they’re excited by the benefits they see on our new vehicles. So I think it’s — the foundation is getting strengthened, and I think it will translate into improved sales over time.”

“I give our customers a lot of credit for navigating through the challenges. As the general economy improves, which we’re starting to see some of the — some of the benefits of, I think truck sales will improve because it is a fairly old fleet out there and the new products that, certainly, we’re introducing and have introduced will directly benefit their bottom line. So we’re encouraged by it. We’re pleased by the strength of the dealer and customer body out there and it should be an exciting couple of years.”

“we’ve got the largest population of vehicles. We have Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF over 1.5 million vehicles running around the world.”