Oracle FY 2Q16 Earnings Call Notes

Mark Hurd

A sample of customer wins in PaaS vs. companies like Workday

Now, I’m going to review a bunch of names. I just want you to get a context for sort of the brands we closed in the quarter. In ERP, Blue Shield of California, DHL, FDIC, McKesson, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, [indiscernible], a very large phone company in France, a very large industrial manufacturing company, perhaps the largest in the world with over a $130 billion of revenue. In HCM, AAA, Allergan, City of Aspen, Crocs, think of many of these now that I’m naming again beats against Workday, Exelon, Kaiser, McGraw Hill, Genesis actually a replacement of Workday, Brocade, More HCM, the United Nations, Stanford University. In CX, AmBev – CXP and being customer experience, AmBev, Expedia, Halliburton, Lufthansa, Maersk, Motorola Solutions, Sears, Toshiba Mitsubishi and United Airlines. In PaaS, Anthem, IKEA, Kaiser, Kia Motors, Maersk, Qantas, Symantec and Windstream, I could have named a lot more.”

Lawrence Ellison

Complete suite cloud applications

“Oracle’s strategy is to differentiate our cloud products from our competitors. In SaaS, we differentiate by delivering the industry’s most complete suite cloud application. In customer experience, we offer a CX suite made up of sales, service, marketing, e-commerce, and a lot more. In human capital management, we have an HCM suite made up of human resources, recruiting, training and so on. In Enterprise Resource Planning, we are delivering an ERP suite net of a financials, supply chain, manufacturing and all the rest. Oracle is the first company to mark it a complete cloud ERP suite from mid-size and large enterprises. By pioneering this market, we have become the ERP market leader with over 1,500 cloud ERP customers. Cloud ERP is now our fastest growing SaaS application suite.”

We made it easy for customers to move existing Oracle databases to the cloud, now we have a differentiated product

“In past, we have differentiated by making it effortless for our hundreds of thousands of customers to move their millions of existing Oracle databases and job of programs to our cloud with a push of a button, thereby obtaining the low-cost and ease of use to the cloud without having to sacrifice any performance loss or any securities degradation. We now have a highly differentiated rapidly growing SaaS and PaaS businesses.”