NVIDIA 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Jen-Hsun Huang – NVIDIA Corp.

GPU acceleration of servers delivers extraordinary value proposition

“Data center is a very large market, as you know, and the reason for that is because the vast majority of the world’s future computing will be largely done in data centers. And there’s a very well accepted notion now that GPU acceleration of servers delivers extraordinary value proposition. If you have a data-intensive application, and the vast majority of the future applications in data centers will be data intensive, a GPU could reduce the number of servers you require or increase the amount of throughput pretty substantially. Just adding one GPU to a server could reduce several hundred thousand dollars of reduction in number of servers. And so the value proposition and the cost savings of using GPUs is quite extraordinary.”

Cryptocurrency is here to stay

“Cryptocurrency and blockchain is here to stay. The market need for it is going to grow, and over time it will become quite large. It is very clear that new currencies will come to market, and it’s very clear that the GPU is just fantastic at cryptography. And as these new algorithms are being developed, the GPU is really quite ideal for it. And so this is a market that is not likely to go away anytime soon, and the only thing that we can probably expect is that there will be more currencies to come.”

Costs close to $1000 to manufacture top of the line GPU

“And so the price of Volta is driven by the fact that, of course, the manufacturing cost is quite extraordinary. These are expensive things to go and design. The manufacturing cost itself, you guys can estimate it, is probably in the several hundred dollars to close to $1,000. However, the software intensity of developing Volta, the architectural intensity of developing Volta, all of the software intensity associated with all the algorithms and optimizing all the algorithms of Volta is really where the value-add ultimately ends up. And so I guess the pricing – your question relates is pricing. We expect pricing to be quite favorable for Volta.”

Going to see lvl 4 self driving cars in 2021

“And then the fully autonomous drivered cars, driven cars, branded cars will start hitting the road around 2020 and 2021. So the way to think about it is this year and next is really about development. Starting next year and the following year is robot taxis. And then 2021 to forward you’re going to see a lot of Level 4s.”

Volta is a giant leap

” Volta was a giant leap. It’s got 120 teraflops. Another way to think about that is eight of them in one node is essentially one petaflops, which puts it among the top 20 fastest supercomputers on the planet. And the entire world’s top 500 supercomputers are only 700 petaflops. And with eight Voltas in one box, we’re doing artificial intelligence that represents one of them. So Volta is just a gigantic leap for deep learning and it’s such a gigantic leap for processing that – and we announced it at GTC, if you recall, which is practically right at the beginning of the quarter.”

Neural net hardware and software is improving at an exponential rate

“A neural net in terms of complexity is approximately – not quite, but approximately doubling every year. And this is one of the exciting things about artificial intelligence. In no time in my history of looking at computers in the last 35 years have we ever seen a double exponential where the GPU computing model, our GPUs are essentially increasing in performance by approximately three times each year. In order to be 100 times in just four years, we have to increase overall system performance by a factor of three, by over a factor of three every year.

And yet on the other hand, on top of it, the neural network architecture and the algorithms that are being developed are improving in accuracy by about twice each year. And so object recognition accuracy is improving by twice each year, or the error rate is decreasing by half each year. And speech recognition is improving by a factor of two each year. And so you’ve got these two exponentials that are happening, and it’s pretty exciting. That’s one of the reasons why AI is moving so fast.”

The whole car is going to become an AI

“The second major component is our self-driving car platforms, and a lot of it still is infotainment systems. Our infotainment system is going to evolve into an AI cockpit product line. We initially started with autonomous driving. But you probably heard me say at GTC that our future infotainment systems will basically turn your cockpit or turn your car into an AI. So your whole car will become an AI. It will talk to you. It will know where you are. It knows who’s in the cabin. And if there are potential things to be concerned about around the car, it might even just tell you in natural language. And so the entire car will become an AI.”

The next revolution of AI will be at the edge and the most visible impact will be in the autonomous vehicle

“The next revolution of AI will be at the edge, and the most visible impactful evidence will be the autonomous vehicle. Our strategy is to build a ground-up deep learning platform for self-driving cars, and that has put us in pole position to lead the charge”