Moodys 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr.

Certainly has been some pull forward financing

We certainly think that there has been pull-forward into the first half, including the second quarter. How much opportunistic financing is still going to occur in the second half pulling forward from 2018, we’ll just have to see, but borrowing conditions do remain good, rates are low, spreads are narrow. So, that’s all positive.

Robert Fauber

Broad base of issuers

“we saw very strong issuance from issuers who are typically infrequent issuers rather than issuers on relationship based arrangements with us. As Ray mentioned, U.S. bank loans, we saw a very healthy activity there. And we benefitted from issuance that was a bit more broad-based than last year where we had several kind of super-jumbo transactions included in the volume. So, this broader issuance generally leads to better revenue yield. We had very strong growth in first time mandates also contributing to that favorable mix. And as Ray mentioned, some pockets of very strong issuance growth, particularly outside the United States, EMEA bank loans, Asian corporate finance, Canada, to spotlight three.”