Miscellaneous Quotes Part 1 for Week to 2nd June 2017

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at a Senate Banking Committee hearing

“We do not support a separation of banks and investment banks…We never said before that we supported a full separation….I can assure you the president’s objective and my objective is we create a middle income tax cut and we do not raise taxes on the middle income, if anything the opposite…I am still very hopeful that we’ll get tax reform done this year.”


ECB minutes

“In particular, reference was made in the discussion to the high degree of uncertainty surrounding short-term developments in the U.S. economy.”


Bundesbank board member Andreas Dombret.

“It doesn’t look like a soft Brexit to me at all. It looks like either a hard Brexit or a very hard Brexit.”


Vanguard’s Chief Executive Officer McNabb on Bloomberg

“I think the U.S. market is fully valued right now”