Microsoft at UBS conference Notes

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Microsoft’s Management Presents at UBS Global Technology Conference
Amy Hood – Chief Financial Officer

Realigning reporting segments created more clarity and focus organizationally

“I do think what Satya very deeply brings is a focus on where we have a unique reason to exit and the word that we call those are our ambitions, three of them, for ease there are also our reporting segments now, so sort of makes it more cleanly aligned. That resulted in great focus on the engineering side in terms of where we are going to spend our money, where we are going to put our engineering talent and where we are going to focus our execution muscle, which make us very good.”

It feels like the pace is picking up here

“given the segments that we can make progress in, there is a lot of room for us. We continue to be ambitious here. And I think that’s the statement I would make. In general, right I mean, I think this is the place where the pace of the transition is quickening because I think people have kind of seen in the last couple of quarters that it’s spelled that way, I think, in market. It feels that way to us. The pace is sort of picking up. ”

We learn from companies like Starbucks’ culture

“There are companies even locally that I think we learn a lot from, Starbucks. Starbucks has a clear vision of their reason for existing on the planet. When you talk to them, there are 300,000 people who can tell you why they exist, literally, 300,000, consistently. The culture is so deeply understood in every part of their being. I think that is such a monumental testament. The consistency of the strategy and a culture, and I think, we’re working really hard on that. But we’ve got a ways to go because we run a pretty diverse business.”

I’m not afraid to beg borrow or steal when somebody does something better than we do

“I have to tell you, I’m not afraid to beg, borrow, steal, learn and that’s a sort of culture normally have to have. If somebody does something better then less, let’s learn how they did it and do better. And I think that’s a cultural thing that people have to appreciate it different.”

You should always have things you’re working to improve

“there is so many things I look and say I’ve learned in the past two years that we can do better and the list is sort of very long and it always should be. Like as a leader, if you’re not thinking you can do something better, do something different, try it again, take a different approach, then you’re probably too proud or too clueless”