Michael Kors 2Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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43% revenue growth

“Revenue grew 43% to $919 million and gross margin expanded 20 basis points. Income from operations grew 40%, leading to an operating margin of more than 30%.”

400 store potential in NA

“we believe that North American market can support 400 stores excluding potential men’s locations.”

200 store potential in Europe

“Over the long-term, we continue to believe we can expand our store base to 200 locations and now believe this market can generate of approximately $1.5 billion for Michael Kors.”

Inflection point develops when brand awareness greater than 50%

“brand awareness is around 89% and in Europe brand awareness is now at approximately 49%. So, we’ve always said to everyone that once we get north of that 50% area, you really start to see an inflection develop. The only market that we are north of 50% is in the UK and we are on the cusp in Germany. The balance of the markets are still in 30% to 40% range, 40%, 45%, so lots of opportunity for growth there.”

Loyal watch customer has 2-3 watches from us, we want 4-5

“the watch business is just like the rest of our businesses, we have to have newness, we have to have excitement to stimulate the customer. We know our loyal customer has somewhere between two and three watches that they’re purchasing from us. And we’ve got to excite her to want a third and fourth and a fifth.”

YOu have to invest in growth

“I might add we have said all along from again, the day we went public. We never believed that a 30% operating margin was a sustainable margin for the company. And by the way we don’t want that. So I want to be very clear, let no one be misunderstanding, we don’t think that’s the right way to run our business. We need more investment, we’re building this company for the long-term, we’re not here for a quarter-by-quarter situation, we’re here to build something that is very sustainable. And to do that you have to invest”

When you’re growing by 8-900m per year, you’re going to have to make investments

“We’re investing in distribution facilities, when you’re growing a staff business and putting on $800 million to $900 million a year, you need to invest in state-of-the-art distribution facilities, you need to upgrade your technology. By the way bringing in ecommerce in house, I don’t know how anyone could assume that that’s not going to impact our operating margins. ”

You’re bound to make mistakes in fashion at times

“Are we going to make some mistakes at times? Absolutely that’s what fashion is about. And so that timing issue for us — same thing we do by the way and the holiday season, in January we tried to get out of the sale product as quickly as possible and we try to bring spring product into our stores in January. Sometimes that works, sometimes that doesn’t work depending on how the weather is outside, depending on what the season was before.

But again I want you to know we are not going to back off being a fashion company trying to deliver newness and trying to excite our customer. That is our competitive edge period, end of story, that’s why we’re winning around globe.”