Medtronic 4Q16 Earnings Call Notes

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Medtronic’s (MDT) CEO Omar Ishrak on Q4 2016 Results

Overall healthcare demand in the US is on an upward trajectory

“Well, give that it is consistent with what all the hospitals are reporting, I have got to say that the overall healthcare demand if you like in the U.S. is something that is on an upward trajectory. That’s got to be the fundamental reason and it’s probably some of it is just natural demographics which provides this. The other is probably we are seeing some of the impact of the Affordable Care Act and all of the initial pieces of increased coverage might have been more sort of upstream in nature in diagnostics and so.

I mean some of these will lead to more procedures. Those are the only things that I can sort of intelligently kind of talk about. Other than that just what we experienced. It is not something that’s easy to predict to be fair and we look at all kinds of different factors and do the best, we have leading indicators, we talk to people and we get a sense for it, but everything that I just said was close to conjecture in my part.”

Michael Coyle

There is an overall shift to minimally invasive surgery

“The other thing I would reference beyond just the increase in overall volumes, the other thing that we are seeing is a mix shift, a much greater growth in the MIS procedures versus [indiscernible] and this is pretty consistent when I look at other players in the marketplace and I look at their revenue growth in the quarter.

So I’m really happy about that and truthfully that’s probably the bigger opportunity, a smaller uptick in surgical volumes in the U.S. versus a real change in the make shift MIS, although the make shift MIS all day along. And that’s pretty consistent again with what we have seen and what the rest are telling us and what we are seeing from other companies that are playing in the same space. That’s to me is really the story.”