McDonald (MCD) CEO Steve Easterbrook´s Interview With Fortune

A competitive industry and a customer base living under uncertainty

“I think there’s a lot at play at the moment. First of all just the [restaurant] industry anyway is very competitive. There’s a lot of businesses that are working hard, who are at the top of their games. Therefore it’s always going to be a market share fight. But then you’ve got to think about the consumer. The consumer is going through a period around the world of uncertainty—whether geopolitical uncertainty, economic uncertainty—and that makes them a little nervous as well. And then there’s a number of dynamics at play, but ultimately at the end of the day if we can deliver a better experience day in and day out in our restaurants, we’re confident we can win that market share fight.”

On the turnaround strategy

“It was a fairly straightforward turnaround structure that we devised. The first pivotal piece was to get the business back to operating growth. We have now delivered four quarters of growth across all four operating segments around the world..”