Marriott International 1Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Arne M. Sorenson – Marriott International, Inc.

*Home sharing phenomenon has been less impactful than imagined

“You know, it’s a good question, Ryan. I think, the answer is that Airbnb and the home-sharing phenomenon has probably been less impactful to the RevPAR numbers that we’ve posted the last number of years than folks might first have imagined. And similarly, is probably less impactful today even with what’s happening on the regulatory side in a number of cities and states. Now, we will continue to analyze this data as much as we possibly can to understand it, but I think by and large, they are serving a mostly different customer than what we serve at Marriott. They are skewed much more towards leisure. They are skewed much more towards a value-centric customer in the bulk of their business, and if their business is under pressure because of a regulatory environment, I’m not sure necessarily that that customer immediately pops up and shows up in our hotel suites.”