Livenation (LYV) CEO Michael Rapino Interview

Livenation (LYV) CEO Michael Rapino described their average customer

“We’re closer to a travel company than a record label.  My real job is, 73 million fans will come to a Livenation show this year.  The average customer goes to 2 and a half shows this year, wherever it is be it middle America or France.  It’s a big adventure, it’s a destination, it’s a kodak moment for them in that it ranks up there as one of their most important experiences of the year.”

Livenation (LYV) CEO Michael Rapino said the internet actually helped musicians increase their popularity

“The internet helped artists even though it hurt the recording industry.  Beyonce is huge in Columbia because of the internet, not because of the old gatekeepers.  We just want to make sure we’re in every channel of live entertainment possible.”



Source: Audio Interview Podcast