Linkedin at JP Morgan Conference Notes

Mike Gamson – Head of Global Sales

Recruiter gave companies the ability to do direct sourcing in house

“And so we went to market with really just the one-two punch of Recruiter, an opportunity to do direct sourcing, something that had been only possible through external executive search before, now made more possible and more scalable and accessible really to any company for the first time. And that was all about educating the market on taking a process that they had historically done out of house and bring that in house.”

New version should expand the potential footprint

“So if you think about, say ABC Co. has maybe 100 full time Recruiters, maybe 300 or 400 general talent professionals who do other things and then maybe 1,000 hiring managers, traditionally our footprint for Recruiter, the original product, was only to those full time sourcing Recruiters who are real experts. Today with this new version it should open up for us people who are much less expert and who are not full time Recruiters. And so, it expands the potential footprint pretty significantly and has the opportunity to really drift into a hiring manager.”

Not seeing anything to suggest that the sky is falling from a macro standpoint other than in Brazil

“I went back and I looked at the transcripts too from the last couple quarters, and my personal perspective is that we’ve been pretty consistent in trying to talk about the macro, and for whatever reason the narrative got some momentum on its own that the sky was falling. We were concerned about the macro. We read the same headlines that you guys read and there is a lot of stuff going on in the world that we kept thinking was going to have the possibility of impacting the businesses, so we wanted to comment on it. But I travel around the world a lot with our customers and I have seen nothing personally or heard of on my team that makes me think the sky is falling again anywhere but Brazil. And even in Brazil, to be honest with our business, its actually moving along pretty well given the crazy backdrop.”

Brazil is a good test case of how the worst environment affects us

” if we look at Brazil as a test case for that, which I mean it literally can’t be pretty much going worse than what’s going on there right now. How does that impact us? And what we’re seeing is the strong companies double down, they go bigger, they are trying to get share.”

Moving to lower skilled workers is part of our vision but not this year

“The vision is our bigger goal and that’s about the 3 billion workers, trying to create economic opportunity for the 3 billion workers in the world. Our mission is about connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful of whom there are only about 780 million. So, I share that to say going after the next middle skill and lower skilled workers for us is going from mission to vision, something that we do see on the horizon, but its not going to happen this year and we’re not going to probably focus on it. In two years I could start seeing some of that perhaps.”

We are focused on GAAP profits and reducing stock based compensation

“Yes, listen, we’re very focused on GAAP profits, and I think all companies in our space who use both stock and cash are focused on it. And I think we’ve got a very clear commitment with our compensation committee about the goals that we’re moving towards and I think so far so good on tracking towards them.”