Liberty Global (LBTYA) CEO Mike Fries Interview

Liberty Global (LBTYA) CEO Mike Fries on the characteristics he learned growing up in Los Angeles 

“”For me, growing up with eight kids was a huge part of my tabula rasa.  When you grow up in a large family, you’re like a tribe. So what do you learn? You learn loyalty, compromise. You learn to advocate for yourself. Independence. Confidence. I would say all those things have impacted my management style. I think people would say I’m tough, but I’m the first one to say, ‘Let’s take a tequila shot and have a blast.’ ”

On the importance of bringing everyone together

“”I’m always making sure it’s a special event and that people understand the importance of getting together.  My point is that it’s important to me that people feel connected to something more than just their desk and computer. That they understand the purpose and have a sense of their role and how they contribute to things.”



Source: The Denver Post

May 22, 2016