Kraft Heinz 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Bernardo Vieira Hees – The Kraft Heinz Co.

Clearly not everything went our way

“it’s important to recognize that clearly not everything went our way in the first half. Canada, India and commodity cost in United States are just a few examples.”

Paulo Luiz Araújo Basílio – The Kraft Heinz Co.

Measuring consumption is not as simple as it used to be

Thank you. I mean, this is – let me cut the question into two parts. It’s a little bit complicated. First, we still have to rely on AC Nielsen. However, the coverage of AC Nielsen has shrunk to where we are selling our product. So with the changing retail landscape, measuring consumption is not as simple as it used to be. AC Nielsen cover mainly scanned or a non-census data within traditional and some – and clubs. However, there is significant growth going on in hard discounters and some big major club players that are not covered by Nielsen and almost the entire e-commerce channel is not covered by AC Nielsen, so just to give you an idea as I mentioned in my remark, rate from small base of 1%, our ecommerce channel is growing at 60%.”