Korn Ferry FY 1Q18 Earnings Call Notes

Gary Burnison

Definitely seen an uptick in industrial energy and manufacturing

“Now, look, if you go back a year ago, we have Brexit, right? So, when you go year-over-year, clearly there was a lot of malaise last summer. And quite frankly, even I was just there, they are actually still is in the UK, companies are still reluctant to invest there. But over the last several, I would not say it’s a burst, I mean, we have definitely seen an uptick in industrial around energy and manufacturing, but I wouldn’t say it makes any kind of outline trend in terms of the talent that we are bringing in, we are up big time in terms of consultant numbers and you know you could easily subscribe $1 million or $2 million per partner.”

If there isn’t legislative progress the conversations will be different

“There is still that feeling. You are coming off a period where many people took some time off, but I am still a believer in that. That if there is not let real legislative progress other than extending a debt limit by 3 months to give relief down to the people in Texas they needed, but if there is not real legislative progress the sense that I get is that it will be a different conversation.”