Korn Ferry 4Q15 Earnings Call Notes

Investment spending around the world continues

“As investments spending around the world continues, we also continue to help our clients achieve their business objectives by assisting them in the design of talent strategies that enable them to build, develop and attract the best talent for the workforce.”

Pretty robust activity in North American search

“the dollars that we saw in North America search in May were roughly flat with what we saw last year in May. But — and it was interesting last year in May we had three very large search engagements, two CEOs and one Chief Compliance, Risk Compliance Officer. But the number of units this year is up about 20 over last year that’s about 12%. And so we continue to see pretty robust activity in North American search.”

Market is not substantially different

“I don’t think the market is substantially different. I don’t think there is a huge tailwind nor do I think that there is a big headwind. It feels about the same, obviously you got softness in energy. You got the CEO confidence numbers that came out were weaker this week, we got a big jolts number which was substantially higher. So there are puts and takes but I don’t really think I haven’t seen any marked change in the last few weeks or months compared to six months ago.”

Uptick in financial services

“The financial services growth I mean you are right, we saw definitely an uptick there and it would be really spread across asset management. Even capital market to some extent I mean not like it was but even banking. So we saw kind of steady improvement there.”