Kansas City Southern at Morgan Stanley Industrials Conference

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“n or around labor day, end of August, early September, we saw real uptick in various things. So, to the point where our chemical volumes, are trending nicely, scrap, and pulp paper are growing.”

“if you look at it sequentially, it’s up very solid double digits and so I think there is reason to be cautiously optimistic that we’re kind of seeing some growth in the economy.”

“I would imagine that our growth will be somewhat muted in our carload standpoint in automotive for the rest of the year. Should be positive, but not anywhere near the double digit that we’ve been used to.”

“our coal volumes are down a few percent this quarter. I think in some ways, we had a good third quarter last year and I think we ramped up a little bit faster in the second quarter in terms of stock piles than we had anticipated. That’s a fact with us.”

“The real good news is the grain. The harvest — we knew two or three weeks ago that no matter what happened at this point, no matter what numbers came out USDA, the crops in our area were there and it’s going to be servicing. Because of the wet spring, the crops are going to get about two or three late which means that you’re really going to start seeing the numbers jump at the beginning of October. Now already we’ve lapsed the bad comps. We’re actually slightly positive in terms of grain movements in the third quarter. I think if you want to get some reading of where we’ll be, you’ll have to go back to the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 and use those as a kind of a base. If we did nothing more than match our 2011 numbers, it would be an 18% volume gain for us in the fourth quarter. We’re hoping maybe for some better than that actually.”