John Malone of the various Liberty Companies Interview

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John Malone on the state of competition within the TV industry

“The nightmare scenario for any businessman is that you have a rich, dumb competitor”

John Malone on the some of the best advice he’s ever received

“Always analyze the downside and structure everything so that you live to fight another day.”

John Malone on his relentless focus to minimize tax corporate tax payments to the government

“The government is your partner. They just don’t get to go to all your meetings. In the end, you can invest the money better than they can.”

John Malone on his greatest disappointment in life

“I let business take too large a part of my life for a period in my life and probably neglected the kids more than I should have.”

John Malone on the need for greater scale in the traditional media industry

“We no longer can think of scale being sufficient if it’s just the U.S. When Mark Zuckerberg talks about a billion simultaneous daily users — those are big numbers.”

John Malone on the growth of original series production

“It’s like a children’s soccer match. Everybody in the industry is chasing the soccer ball instead of holding their position.”

John Malone on the fate of the cable bundle

“I don’t think the bundle will break down by itself. I think other bundles will build up. The big bundle only breaks down if sports breaks down. That’s really the muscle. Sports is the glue that holds the bundle together. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”