Jabil FY 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Mark Mondello

We’re running a lot of simulations on tax stuff

“Hi Sean. It’s Mark. So since mid-January, Forbes and myself and other management have probably have been on about 60 to 80 calls from customers asking, hey, could we run some simulations, can we run some models, what if, what if, what if? One of the things that we are not doing is, is we are not offering the customers positions or thoughts about what may or may not happen in terms of tariff, tax, et cetera. But I think we are in a great position to run a bunch of different what-if scenarios. One of things we have encouraged our customers to do is run three, four, five scenarios so they kind of get it into muscle memory and therefore depending on whatever happens in terms of DC and the U.S. government, we are ready to act swiftly. I think we are very well positioned on an absolute basis and a relative basis. If you think about business coming back into the U.S., Jabil has a significant amount of capacity in the U.S. and resource and headcount. We have also been building product in the U.S. forever. If you think about Jabil from a political standpoint, we are an NYSE U.S. domiciled company. So I think both practically and politically, we are in a very, very good position to help. And then I would supplement that by saying, our digital cloud-based analytic tools in terms of supply chain analytics are being exercised quite heavily at the moment running a bunch of these different scenarios. So for us, it’s kind of being well prepared, helping our customers be well prepared and we will see what happens in the coming months out of Washington.”