Jabil FY 1Q16 Earnings Call Notes

Mark Mondello

Automotive and digital connectivity are strong markets

“In my prepared comments, I touched on automotive. I think there are some good secular trends going on there that I highlighted. The overall, what I would call kind of a digital connectivity market, I highlighted one proof point in my commentary around what’s going on with connected home and I think you can extrapolate that out into some other end markets.”

Capital equipment market also an exciting market

“also highlighted our capital equipment market. And that’s really taking what we do at our core and also adding the capability of three acquisitions that we’ve recently made and support the capital equipment, and really it’s around the intricate capital equipment markets in the areas of semi-cap, advance test and industrial.”

Exciting things going on in healthcare and packaging side of business

“I will tell you pretty exciting things going on our business in the healthcare side and the packaging side. The healthcare business is interesting and I think I’d made a couple of comments in my prepared remarks. There’s a lot of disruption going on there. And we’re expanding our healthcare business into kind of looking at it as healthcare and wellness.”

Flexible, intelligent packaging

“And then on packaging, we’re really in the last couple of quarters driven an additional focus on that business with given it a little more independence than it had. And when you think about the packaging market, you’ve got packaging around rigid type devices or packages. You get flexible packaging and then you’ve got a whole area and smarter, intelligent packing.”

Healthcare is a space that’s being disrupted

“if you’re talking specific to healthcare. We have a bullish outlook on it, but I’d caution you up, everybody, not everybody – there’s lot of people racing to that space. It’s a space that’s been disrupted in a lot of different ways. It’s been disrupted at a hospital level. It’s been disrupted with data. It’s been disrupted from a digitization and mobility perspective. It’s being disrupted as far as industry consolidation, if you just look at the mega mergers that have taken place. So, if we’re thoughtful about it that disruption can be good for us.’