IMAX CFO Greg Foster at B Riley Investment Conference 5.25.2016

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IMAX CFO Greg Foster highlighted Disney’s unique skill set in creating mega blockbusters which ultimately helps drive their business

“Family oriented movies, especially put out by the folks at Disney, are huge growth drivers for our business.”

Prefers to focus on the bigger movies

“I would rather have 6-7% of Finding Dory than 15% of a movie that doesn’t work.  For instance, we missed the movie Frozen, which did over a billion dollars in gross ticket sales, and that hurt us tremendously.”

Relies on the quality of the movie to drive ticket sales

“We’re still in the hit making movie business.  We live and die by the titles.  We think Finding Dory could be the biggest movie of the year.  We need tent pole movies like that to drive our business.”

Consumers care more about how good the movie is than the specifications of how the movie is shot

“People don’t go see movies because it’s shot in 4K versus 6K.  They go for the overall experience.  They want to know if the movie is good.  They want to know if the characters are compelling.”

Hoping to capitalize on the virtual reality trend

“IMAX virtual reality is an out of home, high end, highly differentiated unique experience.  It’s not just some place to watch trailers.  We want directors creating differentiated content for the platform.”