IHS 1Q16 Earnings Call Notes

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IHS’ (IHS) CEO Jerre Stead on Q1 2016 Results

Jerre Stead

Merging with Markit

Thank you, Eric. Good morning and thank you for joining us as we share our first quarter results and the announcement of our intent to merge with Markit, a leading global provider of financial information services. This combination is transformational for both of our companies and will create an unparalleled global provider of information and analytics, which will provide significant value for our shareholders, our customers and our colleagues.

We are creating a global leader in information analytics and solutions

“This transaction creates an information powerhouse with unrivaled information analytics and talent. We will have leading positions in the energy, financial services and transportation industry, among others. We have deep, senior and non-overlapping customer relationships across corporate, government, consumer and financial services. The rationale for this deal is very clear. By combining companies, we are creating a global highly scaled leader in information, analytics and solutions.”

Lance Uggla

Worked on this every day in December

“Yes. No, I think when I met Jerre and we started to describe our company, then we really did spend a month over December talking everyday, talking about our cultures, our employees, our customers and really getting to know each other’s business. And at the center and heart of each business are these unique content sets. And when I look at the world we are in today, it is all of our customers, both IHS and Markit’s, which are completely complementary are demanding more content available to them in every way possible from a cloud, from a feed, from a FTP feed, from a website”

Positioned ourselves to have unique content sets with big moats

“In the financial market, a lot of times, content is used for making the decision on a trading decision, pricing risk, something a little bit, a bit more short term, value an asset, buying an asset or selling an asset, so slightly different, but both rely on the same thing: unique content sets. So the one thing that we saw that Markit positioned really well is to have unique content with big moats that’s highly defensible and the leverage those into each of these services around there. “”