Hershey (HSY) Q2 2016 Earnings Call

Hershey (HSY) CEO John Bilbrey said consumers are looking for healthier items and cleaner ingredients

“So for certain consumers in the marketplace, certainty authenticity and simple ingredients is clearly something that they are looking for And so our approach is really to think about our – the holistic portfolio that we have and make sure that we have choices for everyone along the spectrum, so certainly barkTHINS, clean label, simple ingredients and that appeals to that consumer. And as I believe you are aware, we evolved our Hershey product, which was very close to simple ingredients, took it all the way there and we are actually going to begin advertising on that in the third quarter. So we believe that certain products of ours, certainly like a Jolly Rancher, are never going to be simple ingredients. So we will have a full portfolio that gives consumers meaningful other choices.”