Google 4Q16 Earnings Call Notes

Ruth Porat – Alphabet, Inc.

Sundar Pichai – Alphabet, Inc.

Computing is moving from a mobile first to AI first architecture

“First, machine learning and access to information. As I’ve shared before, computing is moving from a mobile-first to AI-first with more universal ambient and intelligent computing that you can interact with naturally, all made smarter by the progress we are making with machine learning. 2016 was the year that this became central to who we are as a company and the products that we built. We had more than 350 launches powered by machine learning across areas like search, maps, messaging and Google Play.”

The year that mobile shopping went mainstream

“We had another successful holiday season where we saw two clear trends. First, this was the year that mobile shopping went truly mainstream, with shoppers using phones as their door to the store to locate nearby retailers, find promotions and comparison-shopped. We recently introduced promoted places in Google Maps, helping advertisers stand out with branded location icons, showing promotions and live updates of popular times right when someone’s looking for it.”

I think we’re now competing in areas which we have differentiation

“I think as I said in my remarks, overall, 2017 I expect to have a lot of momentum because we have moved well beyond the table stakes. Now, we are really competing on areas which we think we have differentiation. I talked about data analytics and machine learning, security and so on. So I think we are well-positioned. The momentum when we look at the numbers internally and as well as the traction we see in competitive situations, I definitely think we are going to have a great year and hopefully in the next conference coming up, Diane and team will share a lot more details.”

Computing increasingly embedded in many things

“The thing which I get excited about is computing is increasingly moving rather than just one device which is a dedicated computing device to being there for users in their context and you’ll see computing increasingly embedded in many things, and we have a comprehensive strategy. ”