GM at Citi Conference Notes

General Motors’ (GM) Management Presents at Citi 2016 Global

Pam Fletcher

Range of electric vehicles means that many would seriously consider replacing conventional vehicle

“We saw this as a replicate to break the code on electric vehicles. Certainly long range affordability functionality performance and connectivity. In particular, when it comes to range, we know that consumer’s consideration of electric vehicle goes up substantially at 150 miles of range and goes up very significantly at 200 plus miles of range. So at this point many would seriously consider replacing their conventional vehicles with an electric vehicle. Affordability, we set the price target at $30,000 after the incentives to be on par with many internal combustion engine equipped vehiclesthat would be the point to really take each in that market.”

Electric and ridesharing

“So, not only are we expanding our products portfolio but also expanding our business models and the way that we interact with our customers, one way is through ride sharing, so initiatives where the car comes to you, you don’t have to drive if you don’t want to, ride sharing is one example of changing the economic efficiency of transportations on assets that’s going apply to you not only privately owned assets but commercially owned assets, of course this is all enabled through connectivity.”

Manufacturer of automated driving system is at fault in an accident

“Yes, so in cases where there is an automated driving system on the car, that system we see as being designated as the driver and if there is an incident where the driver is deemed to be at fault then the manufacturer of that automated driving system that would be their responsibility.”

Ride sharing is right forum for roll out of AV

” we think the right answer for deployment of autonomous vehicles is in a ride shared network. We think this provides a great opportunity to have a very orderly roll out. It gives an opportunity for consumers to experience the vehicle without a commitment for purchase we think it gives a chance to our consumers to get all their questions answered and experience the cars and so we’re really excited to get that moving, we have got some cars on the road today and we don’t see that being in the distant future by any means. Much near-term than I think envisioned. At the same time the other part of your question was you talk about the deployment of ride sharing.”