General Mills FY 4Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Jeff Siemon


“And before we get to our usual earnings commentary, I would like to turn the call over to Ken Powell, who last month wrapped up 10 years leading General Mills as CEO and he was continuing on as the Chairman of the Board for an interim period. We don’t have time this morning to cover all of Ken’s accomplishments over the past 10 years nor what he want us to.”

Jeff Harmening

Not going to be just one winner in e-commerce

No, thanks for that question, Chris, I mean, obviously, it’s one that’s on the minds of lot of people these days and has been for us for long time. I think with regard to e-commerce, I think there is couple of key things on a high level to keep in mind. The first is that where we have engaged in e-commerce, whether it’s here in the U.S. Our sales online have broadly outperformed our sales in the store. And so we feel good about our ability to win in e-commerce environment. The second is that if e-commerce is going to be broad across many customers, there is not just going to be one customer, even though that lot of talk about the Amazon and Whole Foods deal, I mean, all of our major customers have e-commerce components. As we have experienced around the world, there are variety of customers who participate in e-commerce and so it’s not going to be just one winner. The third is that we have got great relationship specifically with Amazon and we have got great relationships with Whole Foods. In fact, some people will probably be surprised to know that we are actually vendor of the year for 2 years in a row with Whole Foods and we have our e-commerce growth has been – we have been really pleased with it.

China and Korea highest prevalence of e-commerce

“Well, I think that Chris, I think that the growth in e-commerce, especially here in the U.S., but is going to accelerate. And so to the extent that accelerates, then we will accelerate our investment broadly in e-commerce, but really with the growth of the e-commerce business. But we see growth in e-commerce here in the U.S. as really prevalent in China and Korea. I mean, that’s where we see the highest penetration of e-commerce and food and growth. So, we expect that channel to continue to grow.”