GE at William Blair Conference Notes

Bill Ruh – Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Executive Officer of GE Digital

There will be more processing on the end than in the cloud

“Predix. I know you would like me to go into depth on all the technical details of Predix. But I would just say this, it is a unique architecture. We don’t ride on one infrastructure, one cloud. We run on AWS today. We announced we will be on Azure shortly. We are really the only major application that runs on both simultaneously plus we can run on Saudi Telecom, China Telecom and so on. The second thing is edge compute. There will be more processing on the edge than we think in the cloud. And we think that the ability to run on the edge is an important part. Why? Because it’s a real-time game and the amount of data and the amount of processing that’s necessary in real-time to change a control system is not going to allow you to go back to the cloud, make that decision and lose the efficiency. So we have an architecture that’s cloud-to-edge oriented. We love the cloud providers. I want to tell you, AWS, Azure, these are great companies, we really like running on. We will continue to be strong supporters of everyone’s cloud. We don’t want to spend on those data centers. We will cheer them on and ride them.”