GE at JP Morgan Conference Notes

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Richard Laxer – GE Capital President & CEO

Running a year ahead of schedule in financial wind down

“So, first on the highlights, from GE Capital Exit Plan April, 2015, we are basically a year ahead of plan, 93% of our transactions are closed. Last June we got out of third supervision, so we lost specific designation. We expect to get out of regulations in Europe in the first half of the year. Now, we’ve got some trailing activities that I’ll talk about that we need to wind down.”

US economy feels strong

“Yeah, avoid the political commentary, I think when you look at the different markets, the U.S. economy feels strong and you see that and we see that in terms of the activity that’s coming across. In Europe things were better particularly in Germany and Spain driving Europe and then secondly I think actually we’ve seen some improvement in France and Italy, so I think it’s market-by-market, but we are seeing in general strong economy that’s driving equipment sale.”