Gap Investor Meeting Notes

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We need to be more consistent on product

“We are a fashion apparel company and we are a retailer. And today the conversation is going to be distorted towards us as a fashion apparel company, because frankly, all the rest of it, global growth, digital, everything else that we are doing doesn’t matter if we aren’t better and more consistent at the product that we put in our stores.”

Old Navy has pulled hard

“Old Navy, obviously, has continued to pull very hard for us. We are very pleased with the performance and I am particularly pleased with the consistency of the performance.”

I hate closing stores

“I hate closing stores, I hate the idea of closing stores, because I hate the idea of denying our customer the opportunity to shop in their favorite Gap store. I hate the idea of conceding market share. We will do everything we can do to claw back every dollar that we can. But let’s be realistic, some of that — some of those dollars and some of that wallet is going to go to the competition.”

Bullish on Banana Republic, but haven’t performed well

“I’m very bullish on Banana Republic. And I’m not happy with the performance that I have seen out of this business over the last couple of years, especially in the women’s business where we have conceded market share to our competition.”

Old Navy is proof that we can make changes

“d Navy is our proof point on making structural change in our product processes to achieve better product more consistently season after season. 11 out of the last 13 quarters’ positive comps since 2011, $1 billion of incremental sales in the brand, that’s the market share gain.

You’ve seen our numbers quarter after quarter, they are not an accident. They are on purpose. And they are on purpose that sits on structural, fundamental change that we’ve made in the way that we bring product to market, proving that it can be done.”

Jeff Kirwan – Global Brand President, Gap

New global brand president been there for 180 days

“I’m excited to be here, representing Gap brand. Just as an update, I’ve been actually with the company, now actually with the brand 180 days and we’ve been busy, real busy.”

Need a world class leadership team

“when I first got into the role, it was really apparent to me that we needed to go very, very quickly on building a world-class leadership team.”

A rambling, indirect answer to the all important question: who is your core customer

“So we set out about six months ago on a pretty aggressive plan globally to not only identify who our target customer is but learn what’s really, really important to them. So we did deep dive research into every area around the world that where we have a high concentration of business, so in Tokyo, in Shanghai, in London and then in North America, a little bit in Canada, San Francisco, New York, Chicago is primary areas for really deep research with our customers.

On top of that we pulled up all of our consumer insights that we’ve been continually evolving overtime and we pull all of that together and we learned a couple of things about our customers. And what we learned is a lot of that’s really important to one segment of the population is actually really important to another part of the population. It’s just view a little bit differently.

So I’m just sharing example of what I mean that and what we learned…”