EOG 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Bill Thomas – Chairman and CEO

Quantity, quality and breadth of data drive tech advantage

“I can’t emphasize enough that EOG’s quantity, quality and breadth of data drives our information technology advantage. First, we believe we have multiple times more data on horizontal oil wells than anyone in the industry. More importantly, the data is proprietary. The type and granularity of data and the frequency of collection is customized to our needs. Second, we are constantly experimenting and applying and learning to the next well. EOG’s cultures is to always question and push the envelope on what can be done. The result is terabytes of differentiated data capturing results of thousands and thousands of experiments. The application they’ve built in-house analyzed and delivered all the data real time better than any other comparables suite of applications in the industry. However, these applications are virtually useless without the big data and the culture of experimentation and innovation you need to drive data science in the first place.”