eBay’s (EBAY) Q4 2016 Earnings Call

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Devin Wenig – President and Chief Executive Officer

The shopping season was good

“We saw good market in Q4 obviously. We saw a good holiday shopping season and we’re counting on a relatively healthy consumer and a relatively strong season that continue. We’re hopeful of that around the world particularly in the U.S. where we saw two points of acceleration. ”

They are learning to manage inventory using structured data

“…one of the great benefits of understanding your inventory which is really the uber purpose of doing structured data; is that we can start to manage inventory even though we don’t own it like a retailer. What that means is getting great guidance on what is in demand; what is our price versus our competitors; where do we have gaps based on, say, our search results. And we began the journey this holiday of stepping into those gaps, going out to sellers in real-time saying we need Apple watches or we need AirPods or we need whatever because it’s in demand or you’ve got your inventory on the site, it’s at too high a price, we need you to lower it and then we will promote it.”

Scott Schenkel – Chief Financial Officer

On expectations on Tax reform

“we don’t know what the timing or implications or substance of any tax reform or border taxation might be; it’s very much in the air. That’s not to say that we aren’t modeling scenarios and looking at the impacts that we don’t know about yet, just trying to get a sense. So I think it’s a bit too early to comment or provide much clarity….if a border tax was implemented there would be some considerations like replacement or cannibalization or other alternatives that get provided. And then there would be the border tax implication.”