Dupont Investor Day Notes

This post is part of a series of posts called “Company Notes.” These posts contain quotes and exhibits from earnings calls, conference presentations, analyst days and SEC filings. The quotes are generally pieces of information that I find interesting or helpful to understanding the company, industry or economy and are not meant to provide summaries of the full content of the call. Other posts in this series can be found by clicking here. Full transcripts can be found at Seeking Alpha.

“DuPont is a market driven Science Company. And one way I visualize that, as the way we are as a company, is by parting our seven business segments across our three scientific areas. Material science, biosciences and agricultural sciences.”

“The operative message here is to connect and collaborate. Connect more directly to the local market and customers, and collaborate to solve problems.”

“To ensure that we’re investing our R&D dollars in the right places, our annual budget is based on a bottom-up, top-down approach. We run what we call a prioritization of initiatives, or POI process. Each business submits a POI plan to the office of the Chief Executive for the projects that they would most like to have funded. For funding purposes, we analyze these plans to determine which projects would generate the highest cash returns. One of my priorities as CFO, is to make sure that the wide financial rigor is in place to clearly understand all these opportunities that are being presented by each business and to ensure that we’re maximizing the value generated from the R&D investment. ”

“We’re a science company focused on addressing some the world’s toughest challenges including feeding the world, decreasing the dependence on fossil fuel and protecting people and the environment.”

“Our innovations are accelerated when we leverage global resources to local needs and bring market driven science through partnerships with our customers. To grow quickly innovation must be targeted and tailored to specific markets and regions.”

“Our ingredients make the bread fresher ice cream and cream cheese creamier yogurt healthier energy bars crunchier and jams and mayonnaise lower in calories. We are making people healthier and food safer and more affordable you will find our products in every second ice cream nutrition bar and specialty infant formulae in the world as well as in every third cheese and every fourth loaf of bread. Almost every meal you whether it is at home or in a restaurant contains our high quality food ingredients.”

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