Dupont 4Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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A science company

“In 2015 DuPont will continue its transformation as a dynamic science company driven by innovation, executions and global reach.

stronger dollar will be a substantial headwind

“the U.S. dollar continues to strengthen against most currencies and will be a substantial headwind for us in 2015

Agriculture fundamentals are challenging

“In agriculture the fundamentals are challenging. Farmer net income has declined and we anticipate lower corn planted area as farmers favor soybeans over corn.

Hard to say how much corn acres will be down

“Yes so as we look at ‘15 clearly we’re expecting corn acres that the soybean corn price still favors soybean, so we’re expecting corn acres to be down, but it’s very difficult to size and those final decisions are being made by growers closer and closer to the season. So it’s hard to size the shift, but we do expect the decline in corn acres and a slight increase in soybeans

No impact to solar from lower energy prices

“We haven’t heard that yet and I think first of all solar is still pretty small, so having growth rates of 20% still can occur. They’re also being put in the places where it is from a grid parity standpoint in places like China where they are just a — and they have come out to say that by 2030 they’re going to be capping CO2 emissions and some of that start to come from an increase in their renewable energy sources, and solar is a big part of that as they’re the largest producer of solar modules. So we don’t see that, a short-term blip in oil is taking the PV industry office long-term kind of projection.