DSW 3Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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Comps turned back positive

“After posting a negative 3.7% comp in Q1 and a tenth of a percent comp in Q2, we rebounded to a plus 2.6% comp in Q3. Our sales performance strengthened across all major footwear categories.”

Strong trend in athletic footwear

“the athletic category was the strongest footwear category in the quarter, hosting the plus 7% comp increase. This was driven by very strong increases in fashion athletic across both genders. We continue to distort our inventories in support of this strong trend.”

West coast port situation being monitored closely

“we are closely monitoring the West Coast port situation. Our higher level of pre-buys gives us some flexibility. But our work stoppage in the West Coast ports would have negative consequences for all U.S. retailers.”

No aberration to weather in the Quarter

“what we saw is that when the weather was cooler than last year, we had nice positive comps and when the weather was warmer than last year, the comps were softer. It was a day-by-day thing. I don’t think for the quarter as a whole, we would attribute any aberration to weather quite honestly.”

Conversions up because customers doing research beforehand

“I think what we’ve seen all year along that customers are doing a lot of pre-shopping online and there that’s one of the reasons, our conversion is up in stores because not just that we are able to get them the wanted products but they’ve done a lot of home work ahead of time.'”