Dropbox CEO Drew Houston

Private Company Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said we’re entering the “post unicorn era”

“I think we’re entering the post unicorn era and what I mean by that is when the market corrects, you have a shift from growth to all costs to a back to the basics and a focus on profitability.  The scorecard changes.”

Private Company Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said the company is now free cash flow positive

“Dropbox is cash flow positive, and that’s really important especially in an environment like this because it means you control your destiny.  Instead of being funded by investors, you’re funded by your customers.  We control our destiny.”

Explained the importance of the achievement

“Cash is oxygen.  Even just being a dollar cash flow positive is a really critical threshold because it lets you control your destiny.”

On going public 

“We can do that on our own timeline. We’re just enjoying being focused on building and recruiting, so nothing right now.”




Source: Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco