Delta 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Ed Bastian

Opposed to the privatization of air traffic control

“There’s been a lot of work that’s being done in Washington around the ATC reform topic and yes, we at the table. We are working constructively with Chairman Shuster. We’re not philosophically opposed to privatization for privatization sake. What we want to do is make certain that we have the proper governance, transparency and cost efficiency to drive the reforms needed in the next air traffic control system that gets modernized and we’re in full support of the President’s agenda to invest and modernize the systems.”

Glen Hauenstein

Business fares remain below historical levels

“Business Fares, while improving, remain well below historical levels.”

Seeing European business sector picking up

“So we read a lot about European business sector picking up and we’re seeing that in the travel to and from Europe. So we have a couple of things that are developing that are positive for us. The euro is at a multiyear high here. We have business demand and a very, very solid position.”