Delphi 4Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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EPS up 18% on 3% rev growth

“Revenue was up 3%, OI up 10%, margins expanded 120 basis points. And EPS, up 18%. And for the year, Delphi’s revenues were $17 billion, up 4%. And our earnings per share increased 16%”

New CEO is old COO

“I’m honored to succeed Rod as Delphi’s next CEO.”

We are never satisfied with who we are

“I’ll leave this with you and this team is focused on it, is that we are never satisfied with where we are. And we’ve been quite clear from the day that we set sale of the IPO or what our margin expansion would be. We are ahead of schedule or slightly ahead of schedule, to say the least. ”

Industry continues to evolve from hardware to software

“I mean, the industry continues to evolve to — in terms of sophistication of the automobile, particularly in the space that we staked out, which is safe, we’re going to connect. And so, I guess, in my mind and the way we’ve outlined to you guys our journey and our story and our value prop, there’s nothing new here. And so the — in all 3 spaces, the whole focus is to get the vehicle cleaner in terms of environmental impact, get the vehicle safed up. And then, in doing that, that’s the visioning and sensing systems that we’ve always said”