Dave and Busters 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes

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Mayweather Pacquiao didn’t impact results

“Note that while we feature the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match on May 2nd across nearly all stores. It did not have a significant impact on our business, despite that we think that the investment in this content was important as a brand building mechanism that helps solidify our position as the premier place to watch destinations viewing sports.”

Seeing pressure in beef and poultry

“we were seeing pressure on beef and poultry and those are really the two really significant areas that are driving us to that 4% to 5% range of pressures we expect there. We do expect they need to increase to be less so in the back half of year we’ll start to rollover a little bit higher pricing in the back part of the year, but first part most of the pressure is coming from meat and poultry at this point, improved situation on the seafood side and on oils and dressings but all in all it’s a net increase year-over-year.”

Nothing negative in Texas

” as it relates to Houston and Texas, specifically, we just pulled some analysis again last week and we’re just not seeing anything, whether it because of oil or rain or whatnot that’s negatively impacting Texas at this point.”

Have taken a little more pricing this year

“Yes, I mean we took a little more pricing this year. In the first quarter our effective tax — effective price increased on food is about 2.9% and that’s the culmination of really three increases that we did an increase in February and then we have some increases that are working for us from the prior year. I think we’re going to probably be, for the full year net 2.5% to 3%, we had indicated because we see this pressure on the commodity side that we’re going to probably be a little more aggressive than typically what’s been about 2% on food for us and we’ll probably shooting for closer to 2.5 to 3 for the full year on the food side.”